Here's what I wanna do:
On the first page I collect a lot of formfield values into a cookie. On the
next page I display the content of this cookie. This works.
What I even want to do is mailing the cookie content in the same time I
submit the forms in the first page (or, when the new page loads).
I use this code on the second page:

  $name = escapeshellcmd($name);
  $group = escapeshellcmd($group);
  $to = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
  $from = "FROM: $name, $group";
  $subject = "The subject of this mail\n\n";
  $body = "Name: $name\t";
  $body .= "Group: $group\n";
  $body .= "\n\n$comments\n\n";


Well, I recieve a mail, but the mailcontent is empty.
The cookie string is written to a hidden field like this:

 document.write('<FORM><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=\"comments\"

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