Tuesday, September 3, 2002, 6:49:25 AM, you wrote:

MK> Everything is good, Everything is fine, so I decide to put the same=20
MK> snippet of code in again, this time pointing to a different page -- 
MK> One=20=

MK> page lets you edit the fields, the other shows you the final output,=20
MK> the item from the database featured on a web page.

MK> <p>preview an endpage:</p>

MK> <?
MK> //create a list of editible items
MK> echo "<form method=3Dpost action=3Dpreview.php>";
MK> echo "<select name=3Did>";
MK> for ($i=3D0; $i <$num_results; $i++)
MK> {
MK>         $row =3D mysql_fetch_array($result);
MK>         echo "<option value=3D$row[id]> $row[id], =
MK> $row[productname]</option>";
MK> }
MK> echo "</select>";
MK> echo "<input type=3Dsubmit name=3Dsubmit>";
MK> echo "</form>";

MK> The second instance does not work, I get a select with "," as each=20
MK> option, no population with the id or productname. Clearly, I don't=20
MK> understand something here, can anyone tell me what?

MK> Thanks for the time,

MK> Michael

To use the result a second time you will need to reset the internal mysql
pointer like this:


After the first loop through.


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