Hi Andrian,

I built a forum from scratch, because I had very specific needs on how it
would work... different to everything I've seen so far.  Sorry to say it
though, the underlying table structure IS determined by the way you want it
to work.

If you're after something stock-standard, I'd recommend checking out the
systems already available for free (it's been discussed many times).

For starters, they're ready to go, so you'll save MANY hours.  Or if they
don't end up being what you want:

a) the underlying db structure & code may give you some ideas for your own
b) you may be able to help/contribute to make the product better, since it's
probably open source, and developed by a community of contributors.

If you some specific ideas on what you want to achieve, I might be able to
make some suggestions.



on 03/09/02 1:23 AM, Andrian Ivanov ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking for a developer who have worked already on some forums. I know
> each forum - depending on it's needs is differnt and then it changes it'
> structure. What I'm asking for is standart information about forum building.
> Not exact code, but tested db structure and php functionallity. I'll be nice
> to have your opinions on that.
> Thanks in advance.
> Andrian Ivanov, Bugaria

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