> Fatal error: Cannot redeclare createlinks()
> (previously declared in c:\apache\htdocs\ha\recycle\lankar.php:6) in
> c:\apache\htdocs\ha\recycle\lankar.php on line 5
> The problem is: the call for the function createlinks() is done from
> the previous page (index.php), the file where I user header(), and I
> can't see that the function has bin called for yet.

It doens't look like a "call" problem, but, as the message says, a
redeclaration in file lankar.php.
It looks like you have something like below in lankar.php at line 5 and 6.

function createlinks()
function createlinks()

The function createlinks() has been defined more then once. You should check
your include files.


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