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Thanks for taking interest in the (hopefully annual!) Texas PHP Developers
Conference. I am in the process of setting up a web site for the conference.
The URL will be sent out as soon as it is available.

Dates for the conference have been narrowed down to some time between mid
February and mid-March 2003. The T Bar M Conference Center in New Braunfels
is putting the finishing touches on the package, so costs and registration
information can be provided within the next week or so. For those living
close to the location there will be a daily fee available so that staying at
the conference location is not mandatory.


If you are interested in presenting a paper, workshop, or both please let me
know as soon as possible. The only suggestions are as follows;

PAPERS - You should be able to present the paper in one or two 60 minute
sessions, allowing sufficient time for a Q&A period.

WORKSHOPS - A workshop should last approximately 90 minutes (with a 10
minute break occuring at the midway point of the workshop). The workshop
should be as hands on as possible, focusing on a particular technique or set
of techniques. Audience participation is encouraged!

At the present time, unfortunately, there is no compensation available for
presenters. As the conference grows in size and scope (therefore attracting
sponsors) stipends will become available for those accepted to perform

There are thousands of PHP developers in and around Texas and you know them,
but not all of them know about the conference. Let them know so that they
can send their e-mail address in to be included on the list to receive

More updates soon ...

Jay Blanchard
Texas PHP Developers Conference

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