Netscape 4.xx series is notorious for caching issues. When you post data and then
try to view the source code netscape thinks it has expired and thus gone. Another
issue is when you resize the view source window, netscape reloads the page *ack*.
On my site at I think my no cache headers even cause netscape
to choke since I can't get page source on any of my pages in the 4.xx series. My
solution is to use Mozilla/Netscape 7 to view the source when I need to and just
use the 4.xx brokwser when I want to make sure it looks ok visually.


"Ashley M. Kirchner" wrote:
> Dan Ostrowski wrote:
> > Post data makes Netscape REFUSE to show the underlying source code!  It's 
>virtually impossible to design form handling stuff when I can't see the code that's 
>generated when i send post data.  Is this a bug and how do you fix it??
>     i've never seen this problem in ns, at least not with the stuff i've designed in 
>the past.  do you have a page/form somewhere we could look at?

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