>Running GNU/Debian Sid. Im Running into problems, Apache cant see the
>.php file (it brings up the save-as dialog everytime)
>I have this line enabled (see below) still no success
>AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
>installed php4 4.2.2-2, php4-mysql 4.2.2-2, phpnuke 5.6-3, apache
>yeah yeah im a n00b to php stuff, some pointers just to get this thing
>loading&running would be great. 

You're missing the "LoadModule" part in httpd.conf for PHP.

When you did "make install" of PHP, it *should* have altered httpd.conf to
include this...

Make sure you are 'root' when you do 'make install' of PHP maybe...

Try it again and see if it says anything about httpd.conf

Also search for a *different* httpd.conf somewhere on the box, as PHP may
have altered the "wrong" one.

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