>// one.php
><? include("two.php"); ?>
>--- html code ---
>// end file one.php
>// two.php
><? include("three.php"); ?>
>--- html code ---
>//end two.php

Where is three.php?...

>well, when I see in my browser www.myweb.com/two.php this shows two.php 
>plus the include file in it "three.php", so this works ok, but when i see 
>in my browser (IE 6.0) www.myweb.com/one.php this shows one.php plus 
>two.php, but not three.php that is include into two.php
>What am I doing wrong?

Are they all in the same directory?  What is your "include_path" setting in
php.ini?  PHP only looks in directories listed in "include_path"

Are you getting an error message, or is the content simply not appearing,

>Could be this because of cookies?


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