>./configure --with-imap-ssl=/usr (other options not shown)
>Everything configures fine. I can also "make" and "make install" with 
>no errors.

You don't have IMAP in PHP.

./configure has a nasty habit of issuing "warning" messages for stuff you
asked for --with-xxx and then blindly marching forward and allowing you to
compile/install a perfectly valid PHP...  It just doesn't have everything
you asked for.

There *are* almost for sure some messages that flew by from ./configure that
would give you some hint what went wrong.

Go back and do ./configure like this:

./configure --with-imap-ssl=/usr ...  2>&1 > configure.output &

You can then:

tail -f configure.output

to watch it go by (use control-C to break out)

and have a permanent record of what happened to refer back to.

Dig through that, and you'll find some IMAP problems somewhere, I'm betting.

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