>Can anyone direct me to a page with xml in use? Something that can help me
>grasp what its all about.

I didn't understand xml at all until I started using it . I  asked 
pretty much the same question as you (what is it good for?). Now I will 
almost always use xml in any app I work on.

One application that is simply wonderful is xsl transformations. This 
allows you to take xml and transform it into html, wml, pdf, rtf , etc...

What this ultimately means to me is seperation of presentation from 
logic and data which makes for a very flexible and easy to maintain 

I have made a php class to make a database query into xml in the form of:
<record><fieldname> value </fieldname></record>

Now stuff I used to do that took a whole page to code nows uses about 5 
lines. This is a real world benefit for me.

Spend some time learning about xml and you won't regret it

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