Ahh.. Okay.. Thanks..

I don't know if this is a normal issue (first time I've seen it), but in my
initial reply to your thread, I received the following back via email.. I
typically post through replies the newsgroup way at news.php.net and not the
mailing list route.. Didn't know if I should point it out or not, but decided
it couldn't hurt to do so..

Your message was not delivered for the following reason:

E-mail Account: lists-php is over the limit of 31457280 bytes.

Automated Postmaster

[snipped original email reply and headers]

Take care.. peace..


<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> disgorged:

: Yes thats normal. master.php.net is used by the members of PHP (cvs accounts
: etc..) to manage their account. They've got the correct url to do that from
: master.php.net.

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