I'm new to both PHP, LDAP and SSL so I'm really asking for direction on
where to start.

I have an OpenLDAP server on a Linux box, and a Microsoft ISS on Windows
2000 with PHP-scripting. I have made a couple of PHP scripts that access the
LDAP database for reading and writing. All works fine so fare.

I have installed a certificate on both the Web server and the LDAP server
and moved to https communication between the client and the Web server. Now
I want to move to SSL communication between the Web server and the LDAP

I can make an ldap_connect with the ldaps://hostname/ parameter but what
How can make an ldap_bind command?
How can I encrypt and decrypt the data?
How do I specify a key/certificate for encrypting and decrypting?

Søren Henning Dalgaard

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