I don't thin I understand that... :)
Can you give me an example.
Or if I understand correctly, I have to use "interface", a .swf file (caled
with <object> tags) and this .swf file have to get information (data form
database) throught .php file...?

"Mike Krisher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Right, but you need to insert your code block in a way that it is
> executed and then returns the name of a swf to load. Right now you are
> loading the client side object/embed tags that then calls another PHP
> file that returns the name or value of your SWF. You need to combine
> the two files and return the value of the SWF on the first parse so
> the filepath is there once the object/embed tags are rendered on the
> client side.
> I hope that makes sense,
> -- Mike

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