Kevin Stone wrote:
> $myformtxt = '[i]Hello[/i] [B]world[/B]';  // pretend this came from a form.

1. I understand what you're doing, and how. But what I don't understand 
is why? If a user is going to have to type [B]bold[/B], why not just get 
them to type <b>bold</b>. [bold] and [italic] maybe?

2, I think regular expressions are a safer way to go. That way you don't 
end up inserting eroneous html into peoples text if an unmatched tag is 
  encountered. Square brackets will not throw a browser off track but an 
unclosed <h1> or <em> tag could ruin a page's appearance.

i suggest using preg_replace, maybe like this:

$pair = array( 'bold'     => 'strong',
                'italics'   => 'em',
                'heading1' => 'h1',
                'heading2' => 'h2',
                'heading3' => 'h3',
                'heading4' => 'h4');

$pattern = array();
$replace = array();

foreach($pair as $key => $val) {
     $pattern[] = '/(\[)(' . $key . ')(\])([^]].*)(\[\/)(' . $key . 
     $replace[] = "<$val>" . '$4' . "</$val>";

$new_body= preg_replace ($pattern, $replace, $body_text);

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