thanks for your help again.

i've noticed that file function have two different behaviors.
i tested file function with the url and it seems that the file is
interpreted. But i tried the code u give me and without the
"http://myurl.com/"; at the beginning, a warning is raised :

Warning: file("test.php?foo=test") - Invalid argument in c:\program
files\easyphp\www\un.php on line 10

otherwise, without the http string, it reads the file as text file and print
exactly his content.


"Timo Stamm" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de news:
> @all:
> I just noticed that I was not replying to the list, but to the
> posting email adresses. I just switched to another email client
> and was not aware of this. My apologies :-(
> ---
> You,
> could it be that you want to do the following?:
> <?php
>    // primary php
>    $foo = $_REQUEST["foo"]
>    // I guess you want to do something with $foo here.
>    $outputfromsecondaryphp = file("secondary.php?foo=".$foo)
>    echo implode('', $outputfromsecondaryphp);
> ?>
> Am Dienstag den, 3. September 2002, um 00:15, schrieb you:
> > Thanks for ur help and i'm sorry to have a so bad english
> I guess my french is worse than your english :-)
> Timo

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