I'm running Apache 1.3.26 and PHP 4.2.2 on a windows NT system.  I've been
having problems with some scripts I got from a friend off the net.  The
script runs an initial setup process and asks for a username and password
and e-mail address.. you submit the info and it will set up an admin account
then you refresh the page and it will ask you to login with the username and
junk that you just set up.. But, when I try to submit the information, it
simply reloads the page.  Can anyone tell me if there is something in my
PHP.INI file i need to change or anything else?  If anyone wants to try the
script out, it is newsPHP from http://www.nphp.net/.  Please, someone help!

My SWAG is that you need to set register_globals = On in your php.ini.
Either that or you need the rtfm() function.



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