Ereg() would be an excellent choice.

To move a step further, although it is a little more complex to become
familiar with, the perl regular expressions are considerably faster and
more efficient for anything with an expression, and str_replace() is
faster yet, if replacing a simple string.

Thus, it would probably be best to use:

$clean_term = str_replace( " ", "_", $term);  // replace spaces with _
$clean_term = preg_replace("@[^a-zA-Z0-9_.]@", "", $term); // remove any
non-alphanumeric chars

There is an excellent article somewhere that gives some benchmark times
for the various methods... Anyone know where this is?  I can't seem to
find it anymore.

However, I remember the basic concept:  on a given string, preg_replace
ran about 1 second, ereg_replace ran about 4 seconds, and str_replace
ran about .2 seconds.

See these docs for info about syntax:

Best wishes


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> i want to format the filename of an uploaded file as follows :-
> -- replace blankspace with "_"
> -- remove any illegal characters.
> Which string functions should I use to do this?

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