>I am having problems getting the ftp_put command to upload a file to an
>apache server
>i get this error
>Warning: error opening C:\\WINDOWS\\Desktop\\Jason\\jjmckay\\testaudio.mp3
>in /home/virtual/site31/fst/var/www/html/clientadmin/mp3upload.php on line
>here is the code
>$dest = "/var/www/html/public/$user/";
>$upload = ftp_put($FTP, $dest, $source_file, FTP_BINARY);
>if ($upload) echo "it worked";
>else echo "it didnt work";
>the $source_file is pulled from a form on the previous page

Need more source code to tell you exactly where, but it looks like you're
trying to have PHP suck in the original file name rather than the uploaded

You can't do that.

If you could, PHP could be used to steal *ANY* arbitrary file off of *ANY*
computer.  Major security problem.

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