>I am new to Linux and is trying to install PHP/MySQL/SSL.
>I used the instruction found on this link:
>Everything seemed to install OK; on the last step, open httpd.conf and
>uncomment the lines:
>AddType application/x-httdp-php .php
>AddType application/x-httdp-php-source .phps
>I couldn't find the lines in the file.  If these lines are not there did I
>do something wrong, or can I just add them.  If I can just add them, where
>to I add them.

Just add them.

Ideally, you'd add them right after all the other AddType lines in the file.

Be sure they are not enclosed by some sort of <Whatever ...> directive that
only applies in a situation that doesn't affect your server, though...

If all else fails, try adding them at the very bottom of the file or right
before the VirtualHost sections.

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