Jens Winberg wrote:
> I'm having trouble with the newest version of PHP (4.2.2).
> For example in a page I'm using the following code:
> if ($_GET['action'] == "logout") {
>    //do something
> }
> But I'm getting an error message that says:
> ...log_message reports: PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  action in....
> Ealier (other versions of PHP) I have succesfully used the above
> code, but do I now have to rewrite the code like this:
> if (isset($_GET['action']) AND $_GET['action'] == "logout") {
>    //do something
> }
> Or am I totally wrong?
> This was just one example when I'm getting the message "Undefined
> index" or " Undefined variable" etc. A lot of code which has
> previously worked is now giving me loads of headache since I have to
> rewrite everything.

Heh, that can be solved by setting the error_reporting in the php.ini to
They can also be disabled by putting the line error_reporting( E_ALL &
~E_NOTICE ) at the first (second, after the <?php) line in your code.

HTH Erwin

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