At 08:04 PM 9/5/02 -0500, Richard Lynch wrote:
> >I use persistant database connections and I wonder, if one connection is
> >always in use by one page or by more?
>Each thread will end up having a connection.
>Actually, it will have a connection for *each* username/password combination
>used to connect, if you have multiple MySQL users in mysql_pconnect(...)


>More Apache children ==> More connections
>More MySQL username/passwords ==> More connections
>I assume a very large ISP with hundreds of customers has to:
>A) Give them all a common/shared username/password, *OR*
>B) Throw in a *LOT* of RAM to handle all the connections

C) Ban persistant connections.  They are great if you only have one site on 
a server,
but too costly when there are many different username/passwords to the various

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