We are developing an aplication to use it over terminal. It has to be a 
text-based application, not web-based. Sine we all know PHP very well and 
only few of us know C, we want to use PHP to develop it. The application 
complexity is like "mc" (Midnight Commander) program and requieres many 
objects like menus, entry fields, selects, radio buttons, and all of this 
widgets need to be for text environment. I have found many widgets (free 
source code) developed in C, but noning for PHP. I wonder, did someone 
developed widget/libraries/otherusefullcode for PHP to use it in a text 
environment? What code related to text environment for php exists at this 
time? I have already compiled my php binary --with-ncurses and I know it is 
possible to develop my own menus, buttons and etc... but I would first ask 
for what is actualy available on the net. 

Thank you very much for any input

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