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...and then Brent Baisley said...
% Sorry. Since you were looking to use <br>, I thought you were creating 
% HTML content. But then, line feeds are ignored in HTML so then you 

Well, yes and no.

% wouldn't have a problem with them. I should have thought of that.

Well, yes and no :-)  It's my app, and it's understandable that you don't
already know everything about it from having not seen it yet!

% How are you reading the file? The key being that you said you read it 
% "line by line". Once you read a line, could you just grab the first 
% length-1 characters and then do your parsing on that?

The data file format is


and a real example is

  comment@@this is a comment

and my code [now, after mods,] looks like

  if ( file_exists($filelocation) )                     # do we have an info file?
    $newfile = fopen($filelocation,"r");                # grab it and start reading!
    while ( !feof ($newfile) )                          # (go only until the end, of 
      $commentline = trim(fgets($newfile));             # get one line with whitespace 
      if ( $commentline )                               # a line with data?
        list ($field,$data) = preg_split("/@@/",$commentline);  # split it
        $content[$field] = preg_replace("/<br>/","\n",$data) ;  # replace our swapped 
'<br>'s with original '\n's and store it in the hash
    fclose($newfile);                                   # always lock up

so I'm just using fgets to read it.  The reason it looks that way is
because, after the user has had the opportunity to edit the fields and
hits the button, I process the data as

    $newfile = fopen($filelocation,"w");
    foreach ($keylist as $k)            # loop thru keys
 ; }     # write the clear text out

Although I've solved the problem for now, the next version will probably
end the data with a @@ and so I can just read another line if I don't
have a closer.

Thanks again & HAND

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