For testing out stuff, I'd recommend you set up apache/php/mysql on your
local machine (win, linux, unix, mac osx all work), it's a lot easier to
save a file locally and hit refresh in your browser than having to FTP the
updated file again and again and again.

AS far as hosts go, I'm sure if you searched the archives for "HOST", you'd
find 1000's of posts and suggestions.

Justin French

on 06/09/02 10:46 PM, Philip Radford ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> Hi All,
> I have recently subscribed to the list and would like to thank everyone for
> their support and guidance in the use of the PHP scripting language. I am
> trying to find a low cost host for testing out PHP web applications on the
> Internet. I have a similar account set up with Brinkster for ASP and ASP.NET
> code but would like a similar environment for PHP. Any ideas? Thanks.
> Regards
> Phil.
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