I'm not sure if what you mean is something like this:

Say, you have a table with 2 columns (1) "id" and (2) "contact". And your
table is populated in this way:

id  contact
1     a
2     b
3     c
4     d
5     e

And, let's say that your "id" is auto_incremented. Also, the contacts are
shown ORDER BY "id" DESC. So, each time you add a new one, it shows up on
the top of the list. So, what if you want a contact to show up between "id"
3 and 4?

Well, what I'd do is (1) NOT auto_increment the "id" field and (2)
"manually" increment the "id" by, say, 10 or 100. In other words, my table
would probably look something like this:

id     contact
100     a
200     b
300     c
400     d
500     e

So, if I want to make one contact show up between 300 and 400, I'll just add
the contact with an "id" of, say, 350. This way, I wouldn't even need a
"show_pos" field. Besides, I wouldn't even bother changing the "show_pos"
for the other records. :)

Of course, there must be a "more elegant" way of doing this. (Actually, I'm
not really sure if I really understand your problem... Still, HTH...)

- E

> Dear guru's,
> Hit a problem while developing a CMS with php/mySQL. Part of this is a
> contact list and this works ok (add/edit/delete with
> insert/update/delete queries). Now the client has requested a new
> feature: ability to change the order in which the contacts are being
> presented in the public part of this CMS (don't ask me why). I've added
> a field 'show_pos' to the contacts table and am able to change its value
> when I edit an existing record or add a new one. What I can't wrap my
> head around at the moment is how one deals with updating 'show_pos' for
> the OTHER records (while editing/deleting present record (WHERE
> id='$id')? Could anyone give me some pointers as to how this could be
> done in php and/or SQL (preferable). I sure hope anyone understands what
> I mean ...
> Cheers!
> newbie@a_loss

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