On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, N. Pari Purna Chand wrote:

> $to = " abcd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, efgh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" ;

> Now split() in the following function*** is notworking as needed.
> ie, I'm getting
> $tos[0] = "abcd";
> $tos[1] = "efgh";

split didn't do anything wrong.  use your browser's "view source" to see
the desired output.  funny things, those less-than & greater-than
characters ... they make browsers think you've created an HTML tag!

Two things you can do to make displaying such data in a browser:

1) if you're trying to display text that has HTML entities in it,
   within a HTML page, use the htmlentities() function when
   printing output.   http://www.php.net/htmlentities

2) if you don't care about HTML at all, send a Content-type header that
   tells the browser what you're sending is text.
   header( "Content-type: text/plain" );


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