Hi David,

you should start by checking your current php instalation:

# rpm - qa | grep php

This will show you all packages which contains "php". It will be something
like following:

Now you know what packages you have installed on your system. Now go to Red
Hat web site to find all this packages - you should to upgrade all of them.
If you have Red Hat Linux 7.2, go to
http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2002-102.html and find all of this
packages and download them. Be sure you are downloading rpms for your
version (ie. 7.2).

If you will have all these files downloaded, write the folowwing rpm command
whitch will update all of packages:

# rpm -Uv php-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm php-manual-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm \
  php-imap-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm php-ldap-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm \
  php-mysql-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm php-odbc-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm \

All the packages are on the one line. Something like following:
# rpm - UV package_1 package_2 ... packege_n

By this way you will update all the packages and there shouldn't be any
"dependencies" error.

If yes, please let me know. I'm not an expert for Red Hat Linux but I am
yousind this distribution and I am doing it by this way... and it's works
for me.

Best regards,

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Subject: [PHP] Upgrading PHP on Redhat

> Hi all. What's the correct procedure to upgrade PHP (in this case 4.0.6)
> a Red Hat system?  Usually I just get the PHP tarball compile it myself
> for this particular machine I just want to upgrade the Redhat PHP that's
> the system.  As you guys know Redhat puts its PHP (and Apache) files in
> different locations- e.g. php.ini is in /etc.  I looked for some RPMs but
> kept getting failed dependencies when trying to install them- e.g.:
> # rpm -Uvh php-4.1.2-7.2.4.i386.rpm
> error: failed dependencies:
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-manual-4.0.6-15
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-imap-4.0.6-15
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-ldap-4.0.6-15
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-mysql-4.0.6-15
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-odbc-4.0.6-15
>         php = 4.0.6-15 is needed by php-pgsql-4.0.6-15
> I'm not an expert in using rpm so I'm probably doing something completely
> wrong???
> David
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