Why cant you use square brackets??

call all your checkboxes the following:


Then post it to whatever page, now all the checkboxes that were checked are
held in a array (interesting_area)

To see what is contained in the array, do the following:

        echo "<pre>";
        echo "</pre>";

>From here it depends on what you want to do with the data..

You can loop through the array, using for(), foreach() or while(), or
alternatively write a function to manipulate the data.

Hope that helps,


"Alex Shi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> How to ontain data from a group of checkbox using same name?
> For example, in a form there're 6 checkboxes and all named as
> "Interesting_Area". I know if put a pairs of square brackets at the
> end of the name then in php all the values of them can be ontained.
> However, for some reason I cannot use square brackets. Please
> help me out if anyone know how to do the trick. THanks!
> Alex
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