Hello every body:

I'm creating a web aplication that allow modify dinamically a Flash 
movie with data extracted from a data base.

I download PHP 4.2.3 and the libswf library from sgi... and compile PHP with 
swf, aparently this work: the configure step is done without problems, too 
make and make install, when i try with the phpinfo() funtion appear that swf 
support was enable, but when i try to run de example or try with other 
parameters my browser show: Conection broken or when i view trought a proxy 
say  "error void answer (size 0)".

I don't understand why, because all other functions in PHP (Databases and 
others) funtion properly, the only problem is with SWF.
In the error log of the web server (Apache on R.H. Linux) appear  "[notice] 
child pid xxx exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"

Please help me.

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