Hi all,

I need to build php as a CGI for some scripts that need to run as the user
(image gallery scripts, where safe mode isn't enough to write to user
directories, I need the files written AS a user, and chmodding the
directory 6777 is just nuts.).

To this end I figure I can add a new mime type to apache and a new
extension to the scripts, and be good to go.

What I've seen a lot of on the lists is either some requirement that the
php binary be installed in each user's cgi-bin, or that all scripts start
with php.  (I run suexec, but I'm not sure if the suexec restrictions
apply to "HANDLERS" (I'm pretty sure they don't, but then again I'm not
100 percent sure they will run as the user if defined this way.)

Has anyone here successfully set up php to work both ways?

You would think searching the entirety of the lists and google groups I'd
find one working config file.

-Dan Mahoney


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heavy, build him a computer."

-Ilzarion, late friday night

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