Hi Everyone, specially DPHPEdit users!

There is a new version of DPHPEdit -, which brings:

- Highlighting method for current file can be manually changed in edit
- Custom highlighting support with Keywords and Functions editor
- PHP Highlighter now recognizes different code segments in same file (must
be closed properly)
- Custom Syntax Coloring added! See "Options->PHP/HTML Syntax Coloring"
- Project Tree is sorted after the project is loaded
- Updated help file (HTML)

Please check home page (http://www.pleskina.com/dphped) for program and
manual changes,
or download directly from http://www.pleskina.com/downloads/DPHPedit.zip


Davor Pleskina
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  http://www.pleskina.com
ICQ#: 38632789

Programmers don't die;
they just GOSUB without RETURN...

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