I would like to write a script that would populate someone else's form on
the net and get the results.

Off hand, I imagine I would use fopen() to open up the web page and pass
some variables to it.  The problem I have is that the form I want to
populate is a multi-step CGI.  Is this possible?  How do I continue to pass
variables to a second or third step, sending variables passed on what the
form says to do next (which is predictable)?

This is considering I do not have the cooperation of the web site I am
trying to fill out the form for step by step, and I would like to write this
so it is done in a behind-the-scenes, automated way.

For example:  A customer registered with me could ask for a product.  My
'agent' would go to the site where the product is sold, login, submit all of
the appropriate information for purchase and shipment, and then come back
with (hopefully) a success message (along with any pertinent information
from the purchase).

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or can point me in the right direction?



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