Hi all,

I am running PHP 4.2.2 on Apache 1.3.26 under MacOS X 10.2. My scripts' 
functionality seems to have gone amok, and while I am not sure this is 
the fault of php directly, I was hoping someone could help me track 
down the problem.

Basically, if I have a script that I pass arguments to on a get 
request, the argument seems to be processed (ie, it is found in 
$_SERVER["argv"][0]), but the actual argument itself has no effect. For 
example, I have a script that checks for a date variable:

if ($date) { print $date; }

and when I call it by loading http://www.../date.php?date=2002-09-11 - 
the script produces nothing, even though the argv(0) is 
"date=2002-09-11". What's at fault here, any ideas? I am using a binary 
distro (it's linked from the php site) for OSX, but I've used it in the 
past and never encountered such a problem. Other PHP functionality 
seems fine, so I don't think my webserver is in error. The code seems 
ridiculously simple.


Thanks for any help,

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