Hi Freaks,

I got a problem to solve. This script i wrote seems to have an failure but I don't 
know why.

The Error Message is telling me, that I don't have the permission to do the action I 
want to do. I thought it has some to do with my windows apache installation, but on 
linux its the same behavior.

  if(!file_exists('../images/upload_tmp')) {
   $dir = '../images/upload_tmp';
   chmod($dir, 07557);
   $path = dirname($PATH_TRANSLATED).$dir.'/';
   for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) {
    switch($i) {
     case $i:
      $source = $image[$i];
      $source_name = $image_name[$i];
    if ($source <> "none") {
     if ($error <> 1) {
      $dest = $path.$source_name;
      if (copy($source, $dest)) {
       echo '<strong>'.$source_name-'</strong> wurde hochgeladen<br>';
      } else {
       echo 'Schreibrechte im Zielverzeichnis fehlen<br>';
       $error = 1;
  } else {
   echo 'Verzeichnis ist vorhanden';

If want the script to upload mulitple files, so the form is made like this:

<input name="image[]" type="file" class="formfield" size="31">

Will this be working ?


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