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 Hi, I'm developing a web application that uses forms for user input and then after each form is filled shows something like Welcome Bob to our site ... bla. bla... inserts data in a table and on the same page continues with the rest of the data, and goes to another form and so on. I have no problems inserting the data from the first form in the table, display the personalized message, and then connect to the mySQL db, my problem is some fields in the table which must be filled are null in this first instance, and then on the second form they are filled,but my I don´t know how can I fill the gaps and leave all the data in one row, because the first field auto increments, and I'm worried the data instead of filling one row spreads accross two or three. i.e First: BobLast: Evans//user submits form

Isn't this where you do the INSERT?
 ///On the second formsays "Welcome Bob Evans and congratulations ... bla bla ..."// inserts data into table

get mysql_insert_id() here
 // Then asks for more dataAddress : Somewhere 555Ocupation: Something

add the id, perhaps as a hidden input on the form.
<input type="hidden" name="thisid" value="<?php echo $thisid ?>">
 // user submits form// data is inserted into the table and the gaps are filled or is updated ?

instead of inserting, do an update.
UPDATE mytable
SET address='$Address', ocupation='Ocupation'
WHERE id=thisid
 >>>> here is what I don't know if data is still on the same row and effectively filled the gaps, or it is inserted into another road ... using insert or update ? Thanks for your tips TIA Rick  __________________________________________________________________

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