Justin, you've just asked for a way to restrict the possible number of votes
from any one person to 1, however, you don't want to find out anything about
that person!

Although I certainly understand your position, you either have to get from
them some information specific to the person, like, name, email, DL, SSN,
and only allow one vote entry per id, or you have track based on cookie, ip
address, etc.  A simple non-obtrusive way would be to track by IP, but then
you've got the problem of users behind proxies, or multiple users at one
computer, or ????

You pretty much have to ask for something like email or name, or be willing
to accept multiple votes from the same person.


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I'm looking to implement very basic like it | hate it voting for a product
on a site, but I'd like to implement some simple (or not so simple) ways of
ensuring people don't vote over and over and over.

1. I could set a cookie.  Sure, they could delete the cookie and re-vote
though, and those without cookies will be able to repeat vote.

2. To prevent automated voting, I can make sure that the votes are POSTed,
not done through GET, but if people really wanted, they could still get
around it.

3. I can restrict voting to logged in members, but I don't think I want to
be that restrictive.

Am I missing something obvious?  Or do you just use a combo of 1 + 2???

Justin French

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