Dear Leif K-Brooks,

Once you wrote about "[PHP] Mail system with folders?":
> I'm designing a site, and I want to put mail with folders on it.  Fairly 
> simply, but I'm not sure what to do for the default folders.  I want to 
> have three precreated folders: inbox, trash, and sent.  I'm not sure 
> about the best way to do these.  Any ideas?

I think you should investigate more on the subject of "web mail" if that
is what you need to do.  Usually, php (or any other language) is used to
create an interface for an operational mail server, which can be
accessed via IMAP.  You can find lots of examples at or any other software repository.

Do not reinvent the wheel. ;)

Best regards,
  Leonid Mamtchenkov, RHCE
  System Administrator
  Francoudi & Stephanou Ltd.

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