it doesn't use ereg, but it (should) would work:

$mystring = "I have $56.55 dollars, don't you know";
$mystring = substr($mystring, strpos($mystring, "$"));    //strip out after
the $ sign
$mystring = substr($mystring, 0, strpos($mystring, " "));    //keep only
till first space

//mystring now contains $56.55
if you want it split into two variables, of '$56', and '55' use:
    $a = explode(".", $mystring);
    //$a[0'] = $56
    //$a[1] = 55

(by the way, there may be functions that work better than using the
substr+strpos functions, I just can't remember off the top of my head!)

Of course, ereg might well work better!

"Jason Caldwell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I need to extract the numbers only from a field.
> For example:  I have an AMOUNT field and so that I can filter out any user
> typo's I would like to extract the numbers only.
> If the user enters $56.55 for example or just $56 then I would like to be
> able to remove the "$" and the "." keeping just the 56 or 5655.
> Can I use eregi_replace() to do this -- I've been trying but it doesn't
> to work right.
> Thanks.
> Jason

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