jEdit is nice

Seán Dillon wrote:

>As an fan of Homesite for many years I'm a little annoyed I can
>no-longer purchase the product seperately, so am going to be
>stuck with v5.0 as I don't fancy the idea of forking out
>for Dreamweaver MX.
>I'm looking for (hopefully) a GNU/GPL Open source product that
>supports PHP syntax (and preferably with support for additional
>languages with ad-ins or plugins).
>Currently I'm looking at HTML-Kit (
>which seems to come with a vast array of add-ins and seems very
>In the past I've been using TextPad and UltraEdit but really want
>something that picks up on PHP syntax and function spelling (eg
>Homesite would 'bold' a function word if it was splt correctly).
>I'd be interested to hear what others are using so I can take a
>look at them before I change my main authoring product.
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