AccessFileName directive
Syntax: AccessFileName filename [filename] ...
Default: AccessFileName .htaccess
Context: server config, virtual host
Status: core
Compatibility: AccessFileName can accept more than one filename only in Apache 1.3 and 
When returning a document to the client the server looks for the first existing access 
control file from this list of names in every directory of the path to the document, 
if access control files are enabled for that directory. For example:

AccessFileName .acl 
before returning the document /usr/local/web/index.html, the server will read /.acl, 
/usr/.acl, /usr/local/.acl and /usr/local/web/.acl for directives, unless they have 
been disabled with 
<Directory />
AllowOverride None
See Also: AllowOverride and Configuration Files
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