It is the first release yet, but many powerful function will be added.

Current features:
  a.. Multi-file editing.
  b.. Drag file from explorer to SSEditor.
  c.. Build-in web browser, View script result in SSEditor window, Don't
have to open a web browser out side. of course if you whish, you can launch
a web browser out side SSEditor too (Ctrl+F9).
  d.. Syntax highlight editor, support PHP, PERL, HTML, VBScript,
JavaScript, CSS,  and XML file.
  e.. Customized context-sensitive syntax help system, press F1, get syntax
& function help.
  f.. Run PHP/PERL script or HTML page inside/outside editor.
  g.. Run PHP/PERL script or HTML page with/without web server support.
  h.. Simple file management interface, Manage your files inside SSEditor,
don't have to open a explorer window.
  i.. Customized tool box, You can configure your useful application tools,
documents, or help files inside SSEditor, launch them within SSEditor,
co-works with SSEditor.
  j.. Multi-Language support, you can customize your own language file
see our website for more detail:
if you can't see a english version, please use this:

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