FUDforum is a web based bulletin board software designed in PHP, utilizing a 
MySQL or PostgreSQL backend for data storage.
The 2.3.1 release is the second stable release  in the 2.3 branch, which 
introduces a number of new features as well as speed improvements. Below are 
some of the highlights of this release:

* Mailing List & NNTP support, allowing FUDforum to be used as a mailing list 
and newsgroup archive. This functionality also allows the admin to permit 
users to post message from the forum to the Mailing Lists and Newsgroups.

* Additional translations were added, bringing up the number of i18n locales 
to 9, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Chinese 
(traditional), Swedish

* HTML cleanup, making the output HTML be fully HTML 4.01 compliant

* The upgrade script can now upgrade PostgreSQL based forums as well as MySQL 
based forums. And the upgrade & install scripts use zlib compression for the 
archive storage.

* Other features, bug fixes and optimizations were added, these can be found 
in the changelog as they are to numerous to list here.

Detailed ChangeLog:

Download Page:

Ilia Alshanetsky
FUDforum Core Developer

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