> Also does anyone know how to insert a text on about the 4 or 5 line of a
file using php? I can add text to the end of a file and to the beginning,
but I'm not sure how to do it for specific lines.

Ok, I whipped of a quick set of code that I have not tested

$lineCounter = 0;

if($theFile = fopen("yourfile.txt", "r+"){
      $theLine = fgets($theFile);
      if($lineCounter == 4){
         fputs($theFile, "the stuff you wish to add");

We used to do this thing with PERL many years ago for a very basic web
article publishing script where we opened a template file and searched for
comment lines and inserted the appropriate article information, which could
be done as above. As I recall it took some fairly complex regex and many
more lines of code, though I am sure it could be rewritten now.

HTH! Peace ...


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