I create a Instance fo the Class MenueItem in Menue. I change the value of 
one of its variables. But when i call the function within MenueItem there 
seems not to be a value:
The intresting thing is it works with Other variables, even i cant echo 
them, they have a value....

Thanks for help

class Menue {

        function Makechilde($somvalue) {
                echo "Next_ID: " . $Parent_ID . "<BR>"; //Works
                $MI->Parent_ID = $Parent_ID;
                echo "Parent_ID: " . $MI->Parent_ID . "<BR>";//correct output


class MenueItem {
        var $ID_Menue;
        var $Name;
        var $Parent_ID;
        var $Next_ID;
        var $Prev_ID;

        function Write() {
                echo "Parent_ID: " . $MI->Parent_ID . "<BR>";
        //(no output at all!)

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