When I first began dabbling with PHP a year or more ago I did try to reconfigure PHP 
to gain support for PDF files. I was using SUSE 7.0 at the time. 

I was determined to get to grips with configuring packages such as PHP, Apache and 
MySQL but I seemed to run into one problem after another.

I'm determined to have another go at this. With this in mind I've set one computer up 
with an older Linux distribution and intend to have a go at LFS over the next few 
weeks. Hopefully I will eventually overcome my fears of configuring software on a 
Linux system.

Thanks for the help.

Michael Egan

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tir, 2002-09-17 kl. 09:53 skrev Michael Egan:

> You would need to recompile PHP so that such support is
> offered - no mean feat from my own experiences. I gave up :-(

What's your exact problem, Michael?

I'm so new to PHP4 (done nothing at all with PHP for the last 3-4 years,
now I need to), that I'm reading, practicing reading etc. I don't even
have any questions, yet, I'm so green.

But I *do* know that I have compiled in jpg and png support to PHP 4.2.3

On Red Hat 7.2 +++, './configure --with-gd' - and other things, of




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