I also use the phpnuke. But I am gonna drop the whole thing. It causes
nothing but trouble. You have to follow all the rules (not to mention the
copyright lines) and can't find much information on them so you need to
start and learn the nuke style. Ok this is not a real problem but since a
couple off weeks my nukesite has totally gone mad. I didn't receive any new
members and new emails in twee weeks so i figured out the thing is bugged.
Maybe cuz I put some fixes on there and some addons.

Well I am fed up with the nuke and I am going to write something that meets
my needs better. The way I like it (or the way I am able to write it).
Since I am a newbie it's gonna take me some time to figure out all the hard
pieces off code.

If you are interested in helping designing a hiphop communtiy site.

You can mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

also visit my site at www.hiphhopstore.be

"Kelly Firkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schreef in bericht
> Ricardo,
> Your problem is with PHP, look up in that manual for "Header already
> sent"
> Kelly
> On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 10:42  PM, Ricardo Fitzgerald wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> >
> > I'm developing different applications using PHP and MySQL within PNuke,
> > because PN API is very complex and I didn't have time to deeply study
> > it I
> > decide the best aproach to my application, was to create an
> > independent user
> > (from that in PN member), with it's own session and login method, so I
> > developed such a system and it works outside PostNuke, but because PN
> > creates their own sessions, when I add PN header and footer, and try to
> > execute my app I got "Warning: Cannot Session cookie - headers already
> > sent
> > by ... and Warning: Cannot send Session cache limiter - headers
> > already sent
> > ...", I understand this happened because this is within PN there are
> > already
> > headers sent and that's why when I call my session I got this error
> > message,
> > so my question is if there is a way to overcome this ?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Rick
> > AXIS Computers
> >
> >
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