Try direct connection to the server to see the response it sends, you 
may also try to send header("HTTP/1.0 302 Found") and see if that helps.
What browsers does it happens to?

jana konickova wrote:

>I have the php script with the command
>Header("Location: https://$SERVER_NAME$path";);
>which redirect from the script "file1.php" to the script "file2.php".
>If I fill the form in the www page "file1.php" and click the Submit button, 
>the script "file1.php" save the information to database and then redirect to 
>the page "file2.php".
>This redirecting  is functional, but not always. In some www browser the 
>first redirecting not work, and if I return to the www page "file1.php" and 
>if I click the Submit button again, the redirecting  working.
>Do you have some help, please?
>(Using Linux,  Apache/1.3.23 & PHP 4.1.2)
>Much thanks!
>Jana Konickova

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