Hi folks

Bit of a major panic - any help MUCH appreciated.

I have been storing serialized arrays in MySQL Gemini tables without
any problems.

But with Gemini looking more and more like a dead duck, I decided to
take the server down and port from Gemini to InnoDB. I also took the
opportunity to upgrade from php 4.1 to php 4.2.2

Now, when I run unserialize( ) on the serialized arrays, the strings
are being returned unchanged. No error - they are simply passing
through unserialize( ) without being altered.

It is not a backslash issue, as there are no escaped characters in the
strings affected, nor are the strings urlencoded.

I have no idea how to go about fixing this and I am under serious
pressure to get the server back up ASAP - so I am very much hoping
that to get a response from the list.


Geoff Caplan
Advantae Ltd


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