Hi I am a programmer and I just started using PHP4.

I created a view in Oracle (code below) and I added an underscore to the end
of one of the column names ("id_number_").

When I use asp code to select from this view I have to write a select
statement like so:
"Select * from view_specimen_details where id_number_=1"

However when I use PHP4 with OCI8 I get an error when I try to execute the
above statement. Although if I remove the underscore of the variable in the
where clause everything works.

"Select * from view_specimen_details where id_number=1"

I cannot change the view. Does anyone have a workaround for this problem?

Thanks in Advance

-- Create view
create or replace view view_specimen_details
 as SELECT           a.ID_NUMBER        id_number_,
  FROM  catalogue

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