I know everyone love to quote read the manual and forget that we[newbies]
are only asking here because we need help...so here you go...

You can do the following...


And let say you want to format your date as the following mm-dd-yy(US) or
dd-mm-yy(the rest of the world).

By the way this are format keys....

%m the month in numbers,
%d the days in numbers,
%y the year in number
%M spells out the month
%D gives the date with th, rd, nd all that
%Y gives all four numbers

So you do the following sql statement...

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(yourdate, '%m-%d-%y') as youwanttocallit FROM yourtable;

So in your php code you can do this from your MySQL statement...

$youwantcallit = $myrow[youwanttoit];

<? echo $youwanttocallit; ?>

Advance note

then if you don't want to show 00-00-00 you can do this...

if ($youwanttocallit == "00-00-00") {
  $youwanttocallit = "&nbsp;";

that way you don't have a bunch of 00-00-00 showing up.

I hope that helps, because that is what the maillisting is for and not to
always quote "Read the Book".

Chuck Payne
Magi Design and Support

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